Last week was such an incredibly rewarding and joyful week working with my piano students. It was the first week in quite some time (due to summer holidays) when I actually saw all four of them. Two irl and two via Skype. 

Yes, only 4 students, and each one an absolute gem, and each one is in it for the love of playing the piano. So much joy, and that helps immeasurably with the work and focus it takes to learn such a difficult skill. 

I have taught 100s of students over more decades than I care to count, & while there has always been joy and fulfilment, there has also been no shortage of slog and drudgery at times, which was due more to the set-up of my life, NOT the students’ fault. 

Joy instead of drudgery! By teaching a relatively small number of students, and by teaching them from wherever I am in the world, I am able to give my best to each of them, & they also give their best.

So, I plan to keep the teaching part of my life going in this way. When I am “in town”, (whichever town) there can be irl lessons, otherwise the Skype lessons are working well for everyone involved. I currently teach 2 students in DK, 1 in Ireland, & 1 in Canada (ages 17 & up). I somehow have it in my mind that I would like to have exactly 7 students. So, I guess that means I have openings for 3 students.

I am surprised by how often I get asked if teaching over Skype works. Of course it works! 😄As long as the internet connection works reasonably well, there is no problem, no compromise in the quality of the lesson. Just because I am not on the same continent as my student doesn’t mean I can’t hear wrong notes, detect counter-productive tension and fingering, make physiological adjustments to technique, or help the student play with greater refinement and beauty.

If you or someone you know would like to join this little community of my piano class from anywhere in the world....& have piano lessons without leaving the house!...let me know. 

Seriously so full of pride & joy & gratitude for this work I do.

TESTIMONIALS from former students:

• My brief period of study under Sandra not only dramatically changed the way I play the piano but also gave me confidence as an artist in general. - CA

• Her passion and skill resonate in her teaching, leaving a lasting impression. -KP

• Ms. Mogensen was an incredibly influential teacher. I write about her with great affection and gratitude. Ms. Mogensen’s approach to performance and art has left an indelible mark on me and is present in my work as a choreographer and artistic director of Blue Ceiling dance and my work as a freelance dancer and actor.  What is most impactful from her teaching is self-embodiment, the acceptance of the whole person as an artist, all facets inextricable from the performer. - LR

• Sandra has an ability to use her vast performance experience as an effective tool in her teaching. She upholds an active role in musical performance and development, and this has most recently been manifested in projects such as recent CD releases and concerts of the music of Edvard Grieg. As my piano teacher, Sandra always translated her performance successes and passion for music into valuable teaching moments. - CM

• I had previously spent time with a few other teachers, but Sandra was in an entirely different league. She was both firm and nurturing, pushing me to do my best while keeping a real sense of joy in making music. My playing was transformed under her tutelage, and I always felt that I was being treated like a serious artist.  Today, I make my living primarily as musician, teaching piano lessons, accompanying and directing choirs, and composing for theatre. I owe a huge part of my success to the artistry, technique, and musicianship that I learned form Sandra. She is an amazing teacher and musician and I can't recommend her enough! - AJ

• I feel extremely privileged to have studied with such a master of music. Sandra provided me with the confidence to pursue a career in music and for that I am forever grateful. - LE

• …the experience has been transformational. Her teaching style is innovative and uniquely holistic: I am deeply impressed by the way in which she has inspired me to think of art as an essential part of life… - JK

• Sandra has a great ability to help solve any problems, technical, rhythmic, stylistic or personal. - YM

• …she intuitively understood what stood between me and mastering a piece… - MF

• Sandra is not only a talented pianist but also a well-rounded teacher; my studies with her were both enjoyable and efficient. - CA

• Sandra was a phenomenal music teacher in her short time of teaching me. I learned many lessons not only in piano but in life as well. Her teaching strategies helped me greatly in my pursuit in becoming a professional musician. - CD

• No small detail was overlooked, and my overall musicianship improved greatly under her guidance.  - AB

• I studied with Sandra Mogensen for one year, and it completely changed the way I played. I became more of a mature pianist through her guidance. - LS

• All of her students miss her terribly not only because of her skill as a teacher but also her huge heart and generosity. - GE