Study Trip To Norway

I am thrilled to have an opportunity to visit Norway, Edvard Grieg's homeland, this November. I will be studying the Norwegian language and working with experts on Grieg's song repertoire. Updates on what I am seeing, hearing, and learning will follow.

The Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Association for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies in Canada and the Ontario Arts Council have given me grants toward this project.

Deep appreciation to:
Carolynn Bart Riedstra and Lutzen Riedstra Sr. 
Kelly Walker and Ray Harsant 
Eleanor Kane
for being Investors in this project.

And to:
Marcia Matsui and Roger Cotton
The Space Within (Karen and Bill James-Abra, Linda Mackay, Martine Becu, Anne-Marie Lappano)
for generous support at the level of Impresarios.

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